Please read the CORRECTION below.

25 March

Dear Parish Family

I hope and pray that you’re all set for the lockdown.

While we have to take physical isolation very seriously, and not have face-to-face contact with anyone outside of our own household (incl. other family members), it’s vital that we continue to maintain our fellowship with one another. How we can do that best as a parish family was the subject of a meeting between the wardens and myself yesterday. I offer you, from that meeting, the following suggestions:

  1. Prayer is key. We can use this time to draw closer to, and lean more consciously upon, our Heavenly Father. I pray this will be a time when we all grow into a deeper relationship with Him.
  2. Don’t forget the Prayer Chain. This will continue to operate. Sharon Scott is the co-ordinator so please phone prayers to her on 0225 900 500 or land line 849 4076.
  3. We are setting up a special intercessors group for front-line medical and essential services providers (i.e. those at higher risk) in the parish. There are at least half a dozen of them. If you would like to either be a part of that intercessors group (a commitment to intercede daily for these folk), or would like to be on the list of those paryed for, please contact Christine at  She will provide more detail as to how this will operate.
  4. Gary and I will continue to be available 24/7. Feel free to phone me on either mobile 022 350 9928 or land line 846 1348.
  5. Gary and his pastoral team are committed to phoning every household in the parish weekly. But if you think someone would benefit from a timely phone call, don’t hesitate to “tip Gary off.”
  6. Gary is compiling a list of people who are willing and available to drop off essential items to the homes of those who can’t get out (for food or medicine). The ideal is to pair people up; much better than one person visiting multiple houses. If you are someone who can offer to help, or you are someone who is likely to need help, please contact Gary.
  7. If you are able to prepare, or prepare and deliver meals, please liaise with Gary. [Important CORRECTION see below.]
  8. If anyone is aware of someone whose name is not in the parish directory, please advise Gary.

One other matter which I am always reluctant to raise, and that is giving. We are well aware that many, probably most of you will be facing a loss of income. Therefore we are expecting giving to have to be reviewed and that the church’s budget will be affected. Please don’t feel bad if you are unable to continue at your current/pledged level. We all have to trust God in these matters, including the Parish Council and parish staff. We will make whatever adjustments and sacrifices we need to. We’re all in this together.

On the other hand, if you are able to maintain your giving, or at least some level of giving, but do so by cash or envelope, it would be a great help if you could make alternative arrangements for giving to the church, e.g. by direct credit to the church account, or we can even arrange pick up/drop off if necessary. If you need help with this please contact Christine

We will endeavour to get these updates to all who aren’t on email, but if you know someone who isn’t please pass this information on to them or alert us.

In Christ’s love


Dear Parish Family
It has just been brought to my attention that we can’t drop off our own pre-prepared meals to anyone, only ingredients/shopping.  This does not ban pre-prepared meals altogether, but they must be:
a.  purchased from the supermarket AND
b. in unopened packaging AND
c. cold
Also, the recipient should be instructed to wash and sanitise hands before eating anything someone else may have touched, including bags, unpackaged fruit or veges, tins etc.