We want to train, equip and release our people to serve God as mature disciples.

Discipleship is carried out by teaching, apprenticeship and assimilation. Biblical teaching is given at our services and applied to daily life at Homegroups. Youth and children’s ministries also include teaching. Special training events are held from time to time, or people attend courses elsewhere. During Lent, the season leading up to Easter, the whole church focuses on one of the four Gospels, getting to know Jesus and understanding God’s mission better. “Apprenticeships” involve young believers working under mature leaders. This takes place often in senior youth and young adults’ ministries, but also as members of these groups serve in Children’s ministries, and meet regularly with their mentors. Within the pastoral programmes too, people are mentored in using the gifts God has given them. Assimilation happens when Christians “hang out together”, young believers learning from older ones. This happens whenever people gather and share fellowship together, share life in Home Groups, go on camps, or take someone into their home (as in the case of a number of our young people).