AGM: Our AGM will be held on Wednesday 24 March at 7:30pm in the church auditorium.
This is the last year in which we will be working under two sets of rules for our AGM: our own WHCC Trust Deed and the Diocesan Canons. What we have to do is to fulfil all righteousness in regard to both, which makes things a little complicated – especially when it comes to electing the Parish Council.
The situation is as follows:

  1. We have 10 Parish Council members, 5 of whom are members ex officio (i.e. not elected): Michael (Vicar), Max (Licensed clergy) and Gary (Warden appointed by Vicar), Pat Gregory and Chris Palliser (our 2 Synod Reps).
  2. Under the Diocesan Canons Synod Reps have to be on the Parish Council. Under the WHCC Trust Deed, Pat and Chris have to either be re-elected, or – if not re-elected - co-opted onto Parish Council. The problem arises if they are not elected, in that co-opting them will take the total councillors up to 12, which in the past we have found to be too large a Council.

So the suggestion is that you vote for Pat and Chris before deciding who else you’ll vote for (another 3). Whether you follow this suggestion or not is entirely up to you. Pat and Chris will be on regardless, it’s just a matter of containing the size of the Council.  
In summary then, there will be an election for 5 Parish Councillors. If Pat and Chris are not elected, they will be co-opted onto Council at its first meeting.
The other matter I have been asked to put before you is the age of Council members. Currently only one is under 60, and not too much under!  We’d like to have some younger blood on Council. Part of the issue may be that the majority of those who attend AGMs are in the older bracket. Council would therefore encourage those under 60 to attend the AGM, and to pray about whom they might nominate and vote for Parish Council.
Nomination forms will be available this Sunday on the Welcome table. Nominations close on Tuesday 16 March.
Michael (Chairman of Parish Council)

AGM REPORTS are needed by Sunday 14 March (or before. Please keep them to half a page max. Thanks.) Motions for consideration at the meeting must be lodged with the vicar or the church office by Sunday 14 March.
JOB DESCRIPTION: Churchwardens (from the Diocesan Canon).
(1) There are to be two churchwardens. The Vicar must announce the
appointment of the Vicar’s churchwarden for the forthcoming year at the
annual general meeting. The people’s churchwarden is to be elected at
that meeting.
(2) While persons aged 16-17 may be voting members of the Parish, they are
not eligible to be churchwardens.
(3) The functions and powers of the churchwardens are to:
(a) promote and participate in the mission and ministry of the parish.
(b) prayerfully, personally, and practically support and encourage the
ministry of the Vicar.
(c) be key lay leaders of the parish.
(d) ensure, with the chairperson, that the Parish Council is properly
informed about matters for which it is responsible, and that the
decisions of Parish Council are carried out.
(e) communicate significant information received from voting members
of the parish or others to the Vicar, and to communicate from
Parish Council to the Parish.
(f) be signatories on behalf of the parish in all contracts and deeds,
including staffing and employment.
(g) ensure that the financial management of the parish is appropriate,
including ensuring that relevant legislation is complied with.
(h) be responsible for the running of the parish during an interregnum
or during the illness or incapacity of the Vicar.
(i) ensure the provision of all things necessary for public worship, and
ensure the preservation of order during public worship.
(j) have superintendence of any buildings, furniture, and equipment
owned or used by the parish, and to report to the Parish Council.
from time to time on their state and any need for repairs, replacement, improvement, or insurance.