Date Sort ascending Title Sermon series Preacher
Why I Believe - The Early Church Why I Believe Gabriel Jens
Why I Believe in Jesus Why I Believe Michael Hewat
Why I Believe (Part 2) Michael Hewat
Why I Believe (Part 1) Michael Hewat
The Context of the Gospel - Then and Now Max Scott
Recovering the Gospel Max Scott
Carol Service Michael Hewat, Max Scott, Linda Cameron, Gabriel Jens
Holy Contentment Philippians Michael Hewat
The peace of God by the God of peace Philippians Michael Hewat
The Upward Call Philippians Michael Hewat
Be a Star Philippians Don Corban
Having the Mind of Christ Philippians Michael Hewat
Only that Christ be Glorified! Philippians Michael Hewat
Partakers of Grace Philippians Max Scott
Better Halves Michael Hewat
When God Seems Absent Stephanie Johnston
Elizabeth - Waiting but Living in the Moment Gabriel Jens
The Sisters Max Scott
Courageous Faith Linda Cameron
A Mother in Israel Michael Hewat
Rahab Michael Hewat
The Spice Girls Kimberley Hewat
Who are you? A Question of Identity Michael Hewat