We want you to feel welcome in our community.
We have three regular services each week all slightly different in style.

We seek to worship God in Spirit and in truth, in both traditional and contemporary ways. That means we hold onto good traditional hymns but also have many modern and vibrant worship songs. We hope you will find the best fit. 

8:30-9:45am Sunday

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated using a traditional Communion Liturgy.

Three hymns (including contemporary songs) are sung to organ accompaniment.

Tea and coffee are available after the service 

10:30am-noon* Sunday

Contemporary Anglican service with Communion on first, third and fifth Sundays.

Children’s Church groups
for ages 3 – 12yrs
during term time and activity packs during school holidays.

A creche area is available for up to four year olds.

Tea and coffee are served after the service, and personal prayer is available.

Sometimes our services go a bit past 12 noon. We aim to finish then but we remain flexible. 

10:30am Wednesday

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated using a traditional Communion Liturgy; sometimes with singing.
A sumptuous morning tea and fellowship follow the service.

Don and Lorraine Corban head up this worship service.

Pastoral Care

We seek to love and care for one another as a church family

Gary Evans is a full-time pastor with oversight of all pastoral care. He is assisted by a team of dedicated volunteers. The pastoral care team does home visits, hospital visits and phone calls.
A number of specialised programmes are also offered, e.g. Celebrate Recovery, CONNECT, Crosslight Trust ministries to the elderly, and support for those with sexual addictions.
Homegroups are also a primary vehicle for pastoral care, members caring for one another. All church members are encouraged to belong to a Homegroup.

A Prayer Chain operates daily, and immediately in the case of emergencies.

We want to train, equip and release our people to serve God as mature disciples.

Discipleship is carried out by teaching, apprenticeship and assimilation.

Biblical teaching is given at our services and applied to daily life at Homegroups. Youth and children’s ministries also include teaching.

Special training events are held from time to time, or people attend courses elsewhere. During Lent, the season leading up to Easter, the whole church focuses on one of the four Gospels, getting to know Jesus and understanding God’s mission better.

“Apprenticeships” involve young believers working under mature leaders. This takes place often in senior youth and young adults’ ministries, but also as members of these groups serve in Children’s ministries, and meet regularly with their mentors. Within the pastoral programmes too, people are mentored in using the gifts God has given them.

Assimilation happens when Christians “hang out together”, young believers learning from older ones. This happens whenever people gather and share fellowship together, share life in Home Groups, go on camps, or take someone into their home (as in the case of a number of our young people).


We seek to serve and care for our Community

A number of our community work for para-church or charitable organisations.

The two primary services directly from the church are involvement with Rhode St School and CAFE (Creative Activities for the Elderly)

Jenny Calderwood runs CAFE (Creative Activities for the Elderly) an activity programme for older people (70+) in our community on Friday mornings from 10.00am

It’s an opportunity to make friends and to enjoy a variety of activities. For those who are unable to get out, home visits are offered. Contact Jenny: cafe@whcc.org.nz

You can help support Jenny and the work she does with the CAFE group by buying an Entertainment Book…and make savings yourself on all sorts of entertainment.

Jo Rogers is chaplain to Rhode St School. Twice a year we partner with the school community in maintaining and beautifying the school grounds.

Preach the Gospel

10% of all offerings go to overseas mission partners or projects, administered by the Overseas Missions Support Team (OMST), lead by Moira Jones (pictured).

The OMST meets monthly to promote prayer and support, and to organise Missions Month (every August). WHCC continues to partner with NZCMS in supporting a couple in SE Asia. It also partners with MAF (supporting church members based in Cairns), SIM (supporting Anglican colleagues in Nepal), and International Student Ministries reaching students locally.

We support the suffering Church, particularly through the Barnabas Fund.
Other partners we have a long association with are a family in France, a church in the central hill country of Sri Lanka, Msalato Theological College in Tanzania, and the Kailakuri Health Project in Bangladesh.

Missions Month in August provides a forum to hear firsthand from overseas missionaries, whether those we partner with or others we have contact with. Mission partners are prayed for regularly at Home Groups, prayer meetings and Sunday services.