Why all this Waste?

Passage: John 12:1-8

Suggested Discussion Questions
1. What makes for worship that is pleasing to God? How might that differ from our criteria for a great worship service?
2. Have you ever been the recipient of great generosity? How did it affect you/your life?
3. How does Jesus/Bible measure generosity? See, amongst other passages, 2 Cor 8-9.
4. Have you ever done something on impulse/prompted by the Holy Spirit and then found out it was much more significant than you imagined?
5. Have you ever regretted not saying/doing something which you felt a strong prompt to say/do? Why do we sometimes hesitate?
6. John makes much of Caiaphas having prophesied in his role as High Priest, i.e. out of his office rather than his character/spiritual gifting. To what extent is office (e.g. the office of a Bishop in our church) significant? What might this tells us about how works and speaks?
Richard Storey has sent through a coupe of reflections which he suggested I share with you. You may wish to circulate and/or discuss these in your connect group, either this week or another week.
I will be sharing a short (10 minute) reflection online at 10am this Thursday, then Tues-Sat inclusive through Holy Week (7-11 April).

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