Studies in James

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Getting the most out of these studies

Give God your best time. For each person this will be different, but for most of us that time is before the day’s other activities begin. It was for Jesus (Mark 1.35-39). A good 10 minutes beats a poor 60 minutes.

Put away all distractions (mobile phone, email, diary etc.), focus, and commit the time to God in prayer. You might to use a prayer like this one:

Heavenly Father, help me to give you all my thoughts and attention now. Open my ears to your Word and my spirit to your Holy Spirit. Guard me from everything that is not from you, and draw me closer to yourself. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Read the passage set down from John’s Gospel (top right hand corner of each page). You will need to go to your own Bible for the full text. Then read the comments about the passage that follow.

Spend a few minutes pondering the question(s) and record in a journal (or space provided) what God says to you. If you haven’t done this before, simply ask God to lead your thoughts and to speak into your mind. He will. You will know if thoughts come which aren’t from him, or you can check them with someone else you trust.

Pray. Each day there is a suggested prayer, but pray as you feel led by God’s Spirit.